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Tyga, Playboy (2018) Review

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Tyga, Goddamn (2019) Review

Published on May 19, 2019

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April 25, 2019


Last King


Digital Download
tyga Goddamn

Tyga shares his hedonistic ways with a cowboy-inspired music video that screams video girls and Where the hell is our Venga bus?! #tygassummervibes

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When reviewing an artist’s body of work it is perhaps wise never to go digging into the singer’s personal life. In the case of Tyga my intrigue overruled my better judgement and I stumbled upon a whole pot of shiny leprechaun gold, and I’m not just talking about the select pieces our west coast musician has hanging around his neck and dripping from his right hand.


But sex text smut and Wild West chaps aside, on April 23rd the singer, who’s better known for dating a member of the Kardashian clan, dropped his debuted Western-inspired video 'Goddamn'. The track is his latest summer-ready romper-stomper, produced by D.A. Doman and it follows the familiar pattern of his recent releases, 'Girls Have Fun' and 'Floss in the Bank'.

"Our master of spits is the reason why 'Goddamn' will find longevity in the summer months and years to come and wouldn’t sit well with anyone but the artist known as Tyga!"

'Goddamn' is an up-tempo track accompanied by the heavy use of strings that counteracts the hedonistic lyrics generalised by Tyga’s typical sexualised bars. Our master of spits is the reason why 'Goddamn' will find longevity in the summer months and  years to  come  and  wouldn’t  sit  well  


with anyone but the artist known as Tyga, who has candidly stated, “Everybody has to have fun and I’m going to supply that background music,” and that he certainly does. Without a doubt Tyga has found his comfort zone and if he continues to work this kind of feel-good magic in the studio he will no doubt become a more dominant figure on the hip hop download chart.

Tyga’s slick impromptu musical U-turn has a flawless vibe, which is what the download heatwave should all be about – tunes that are all-praising of the humps and trunks whilst still living the La Vida loca best! This is summer playlist must. Watch out Kanye, there’s a new sheriff in town!

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