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Bryn Curt James Hammond is an eminent writer of non-fiction. His bestselling book 'A Case for Murder: Brittany Murphy Files' examines the days and actions of people surrounding the '8 Mile' actress leading up to her untimely death and the death of Simon Mark Monjack. The series 'A Case for Murder' additionally recounts other high-profile, sensational deaths, considered a crime in the public's court of opinion including Aaliyah, Anna Nicole Smith and Heath Ledger. 


Bryn Hammond's writing embodies elements of modern novelistic noir, and 'Brittany Murphy Files' received praise for it’s “fascinating,” “thought-provoking,” “widely lurid tabloid-noir,” “energetic, vivid, well-researched, and, in a morbid way, good clean fun” conveyance. 


In addition to his True Crime series Bryn Curt James Hammond is a successful film critic, whose quotes have appeared on no less than 100 DVD covers, including 'Devil's Playground' (Danny Dyer), 'Psychosis' (Charisma Carpenter), 'Paradise Lost' (Josh Duhanel) and 'Growth' (Mircea Monroe).  

Bryn Hammond’s latest paperback, 'The Complete History of The Howling', investigates the pop culture phenomenon of 'The Howling' franchise, spotlighting each film in the series and investigating the controversy  surrounding their making and their crimes to cinema. This is the first book to focus exclusively on the franchise and its author’s body of work and undertakes a comprehensive analysis of their depictions.

Despite all of these distinguished achievements, Bryn Hammond is just getting started. He is busy adding more credits to his burgeoning resume: executive producer, presenter, actor and astute business entrepreneur.

In previous lives Bryn Hammond has worked as a magazine editor (GZ Magazine), teen model and has appeared in several feature films. He grew up among the ironworking foundries and forges of the West Midlands and now lives in the East Midlands with his two cats and fish, in a house that's constantly overflowing with books, music and film memorabilia. 

Bryn Curt James Hammond


Bryn Curt James Hammond has received many honours and awards, including:

Journalist to-look-out-for in 2006: The Scream Magazine, 2005

Hall of Horror Inductee: Hall of Horror, Las Vegas, 2018

Best New Author: Horror Retweet Awards, 2018

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