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A Cae for Murder Brittany Murph Files by Bryn Curt James Hammond

The first 'A Case for Murder', 'A Case for Murder: Brittany Murphy Files', was published on 19 December 2015 to immediate critical acclaim and became Bryn Curt James Hammond's first best-selling book. 

In 2017, it was unveiled that the second book in the non-fiction, True Crime series would be 'A Case for Murder: Aaliyah Files' and like the best-selling first book in the series it would again take a long hard look at the Hollywood film factory and how it can make and break a star with one throw of the Las Vegas dice. 


The 'A Case for Murder' series is currently being adapted for a major new, docudrama television series.

Bryn Hammond, A Case for Murder: Heath Ledger paperbck
A Case for Murder Anna Nicole Smith Files
A Case for Murder Aaliyah Files by Bryn Curt James Hammond
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