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The Amityville Horror 1992


Bestselling author Bryn Curt James Hammond returns to the horror fold this November!

Hall of Horror inductee and bestselling author Bryn Curt James Hammond returns to the horror fold this November to bring gorehounds the latest book in his critically acclaimed 'The Complete History of' paperback series.

'The Complete History of The Amityville Horror' delves deep into the darkest corners of the popular culture franchise from its origins, through to its theatrical conception and right up until the latest offering, 'The Amityville Murders', which has no legal association with the long-running series that began life in 1979 and grossed a whopping $170,534,063 at the box office, which includes its theatrically released sequels and reboot.

Discover the disturbing truth behind the infamous Amityville murders; take an insightful and significant look at the Lutz family controversy that kick-started the basis of books that floundered in the realm of pure, unabashed fiction that spawned the 'The Amityville Horror' movie franchise.

Submerge yourself in the film series’ monumental problems that found studio bosses served with legal papers, the 1980s financial analysts involved that had more cocaine than blood in their veins, the franchise’s colossal pitfalls, the movies era’s marketplace decline, the lost endings, alternative cuts and budget restrictions and replenish your Amityville bloodlust with EXCLUSIVE cast and crew interviews.

'The Complete History of The Amityville Horror' is a nostalgic, humorous glossy on a series that is often overlooked, predominantly because of the overwhelming bad sequels that followed the ’79 classic, the franchise’s erratic release schedules and outsourced marketing agencies in charge of delivering the individual movies to their target audience, “they were on blow throughout,” “it crucified rentals. The campaign made as much sense as the film’s final cut,” “poor marketing agency choice! They were more suited to teen rom-coms, we needed impact, we needed humph! The studio released our little movie in the winter dump month and what we got from the marketing agent in charge was a punch in the balls.”

'The Complete History of The Amityville Horror' hits stores in November. 'The Complete History of The Howling' (Retro Edition) is on sale now from Amazon.

The Complete History of The Amityville Horror

PUBLISHER: Miami Fox Publishing


FORMAT: Paperback 



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