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Mariah Carey, Caution Album Review by Bryn Curt James Hammond

Mariah Carey, Caution (2018) Review

Published on May 19, 2019

Release date

November 16, 2018


Epic Records

Mariah Carey’s fifteenth studio album, 'Caution', doesn’t set out to bend towards the whims of the radio; it has a classic, stately RnB sound with a gold-threaded, tour-de-force bordering on pop. A sound that demands the listener’s attention or for them to 'G.T.F.O'!

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CD Album

Mariah Carey, Caution

Mariah Carey has had a precarious few years with more headlines being written about the diva’s increasing waistline, her lack of love life and her failing vocals than her impeccable body of work. But the close of 2018 has been kind to the 'My All' songstress thanks to her in-house spin-doctors receiving the ultimate shake up they indeed needed. With former manager Stella Bulochnikov being shown the exit Carey seems to have put out her career sh*t storm and taken back control, erasing the lacklustre I Don’t era that included a docusoap of the worst kind and a glitch-plagued performance in New York City on New Year’s Eve 2017.


'Caution', Carey’s fifteenth studio album, is her first full-length release through Butterfly MC and Epic Records imprint and has earned the veteran yet another No. 1 album, her second this year. More than 17 years after its first release, 'Glitter' finally hit the Number One spot on Thursday Nov. 15. 'Caution', much like 'Glitter', is a solid album with the musical cohesion of her best work. It effortlessly blossoms in its pure hip-hop-leaning pop bliss, a musical tour-de-force that sits dexterously within the current trends while giving a perfectly-manicured middle-finger at the non-believer, exemplifying Carey once again as a formidable RnB pop presence.

"Even with my earlier comparison to Glitter, Caution, unlike its predecessor, doesn’t swallow Carey’s vocal charm. Glitter (one of my favourite Carey albums) at times felt stagy in its production." 

Even with my earlier comparison to 'Glitter', 'Caution', unlike its predecessor, doesn’t swallow  Carey’s  vocal 

charm. 'Glitter' (one of my favourite Carey albums) at times felt stagy in its production. It felt like the child gate had been left wide open and the Rugrats had escaped, running amok without any strategic lyrical warpath. 'Caution', on the other hand, delivers a variety of sexy, mid-tempo tracks and sobering discontent with celebratory use of Twitter slang, giving Carey a flawless victory.

Mariah’s trademark cooing and personal sweet nothings surrender to the beats, making dynamite out of 'GTFO' and 'With You', while 'A No, No' and the album’s title track employ of-the-moment fine-tuning aesthetics that hold tight to her stable while additionally bending to the current playlist-friendly trends.

At the beginning of 2017 it seemed as though Carey had suddenly reached her career mortality without warning and she had begun her decline into mediocrity. 'Caution', however, fits into the career highs that fuelled the singer-songwriter’s meteoric rise almost three decades ago, a perfectly oiled machine with many levels of genius. 'Caution' is a testament to hard work and not throwing in the towel even though the world around you seems so bleak.

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