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Codi Kodeine, Lonesome Music Review by Bryn Curt James Hammond

Codi Kodeine, Lonesome (2017) Review

"The chorus is catchy, latching the first time you hear it with Kodeine

using his mid-register."

'Lonesome', which dropped on 19 December 2017, is a winter sizzler from Codi Kodeine. The track, which runs at just 3 mins and 58 seconds, is a crisp, stripped-back release with a pretty stunning arrangement that is slightly heavy on the reverb at times, but helps highlight the track’s rich beats, giving it enough shelf life to carry over to the end of autumn.


What’s interesting about Kodeine as an artist is that he actually provides vocals on the chorus that are strong, unlike many of his peers, who seem to grind to a halt as soon as they have to put their lungs to good use without auto-tuning. The chorus is catchy, latching the first time you hear it with Kodeine using his mid-register.

No sooner do we reach the 2 min 12 seconds mark of the track than Codi begins to drop lyrical bombs that are well crafted with a few extraordinary punch lines. 'Lonesome' certainly conveys just enough emotional heft to keep it from spiralling into Lil Pump territory but stays well within Kodeine’s lane.

Published on May 19, 2019

Release date

Decemeber 19, 2017

Right from the streets of Buffalo, Codi Kodeine offers a unique slice of hip-hop that certainly gets under the listener’s skin and delivers quality goods!

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Silent Rize Entertainment


Digital Download
Codi Kodeine, Lonesome

Kodeine’s 'Lonesome' is a worthwhile download to add to your playlist and what’s exciting about the single is that it offers an all-new string to the artist’s bow when compared to his previous release 'Young Fly King' (YFK) – the future’s bright, the future’s Codi Kodeine!

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