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Broke Straight Boys TV Show review by Br

Broke Straight Boys (2014) Review

Published on October 27, 2019

Release date

December 19, 2014



Broke Straight Boys

Here! TV has cornered the LGBT marketplace and the latest edition to their schedule is the documentary “Broke Straight Boys” that looks at the gay-for-pay industry; to be specific, the behind-the-scenes action at the adult production company BluMedia, who have laid open their doors for viewers to see the studio’s inner workings while munching down on popcorn and slurping soda.

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The “Broke Straight Boys” series introduces us to their online platform models, in particular Kaden, Paul, Jimmy, Sergio, its owner Mark Erickson, house mom Sabrina and COO Shannon Prewitt. The eight-part show dissects the logic behind why these young male models have chosen a profession they wouldn’t actively seek, sexually, in the outside world, from their point of arrival to hanging out and getting wasted, to leaving after their two-week stay is up.


The adult performers, aged between 18 and 25, are a likeable bunch that seem to, for the most part, all get along. They each share with the viewer their most personal and intimate workings and detail their troubled beginnings, their volatile relationships and a few of the models even introduce their families into the mix. In the episode ‘Family Matters’ Jimmy, one of the more troubled performers, has his long-term girlfriend and mother of his two kids visit the Broke Straight Boys fortress, and throughout her visit there is clear tension, eventually spilling over into a fight between Jimmy and another member of the fraternity. It also transpires in the continuing episode that Jimmy has broken several of the house rules; (1) Quiet Hours – midnight to 8:00am. Be well rested for performance. (2) Cleanliness – clean up after yourselves. Sabrina is not your maid. (3) Zero tolerance drug policy. (4) Sleep in your own bed, not in anyone else’s bed. (5) Your load – no sex unless paid for it (i.e. on-camera studio work). You’re paid for what you ‘produce’ and you don’t need to be wasting it. This concludes with Erickson, Sabrina and Prewitt telling Jimmy his time in the compound is inevitably up and he is evicted.

While the show continuously warns the viewer that the up-and-coming footage will feature content of a graphic nature, the show is considerably tame and only provides minimal gratuitous nudity, which is ideal for anyone who just wants to soak up the workings of such a unique brand. The intro certainly baits its viewers, YouTube style, so be warned. What you are given is guys hanging out, getting tested and sharing memories of their beginnings, struggles of the trade and how quickly you can turn a buck if you’re willing to leave your soul at the door.

broke straight boys tv show review by br
“Broke Straight Boys” looks at the media giant BluMedia and its branded heterosexual models, who admittedly do not enjoy their job but the pay cheque is too hard to turn down. Denver: “Don’t do it, be broke, because it follows you forever!”

“Broke Straight Boys” cashes in on the reality TV show trend, providing a dignified, often PG13 look into the world of gay-for-pay. Though no explicit porn is shown in the series. The mere suggestion of what they do and the insight into their chosen profession makes “Broke Straight Boys” a true character study.


Broke Straight Boys

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